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Visual Display BoardsThe manufacturers below provide a variety of high quality visual display boards for your project. From whiteboards to tackboards, display cases to idea boards, we have what your project needs. In addition to visual display boards, we can also supply office furniture, crowd control products, audio visual equipment, office seating, lecterns and more.


Markerboards, Tackboards, Combination Boards, Cabinets and Display Cases

For over 60 years, the Claridge name has been synonymous with quality, service and innovation. Claridge markerboards, tackboards, cabinets, and cases can be found in gleaming new offices, prestigious colleges and universities, respected hospitals, fine hotels, and schools all across the country.

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MooreCo. Inc.

Markerboards, Tackboards, Easels, Interactive Whiteboards, Office Furniture, and Classroom Furniture

Balt and Best-Rite have been manufacturing quality commercial and educational products for several decades and have been operating under a new organizational name, MooreCo Inc., since 2007. Located in Temple, Texas, MooreCo Inc. is the leader in the educational and commercial markets for visual communication products, technology support equipment and office furniture.

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United Visual Products

Markerboards, Tackboards, Display Cases, Crowd Control Products, and Easels

In addition to the most extensive line of products of any visual communication manufacturer, United Visual Products creates custom size pieces to meet your specific needs. In addition to an extensive line of visual communication products, UVP offers a variety of other unique products such as easels, crowd control posts, ropes and accessories, name plates, stamps, and all purpose signs.

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