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Fire Protection SpecialtiesLook no further than J.L. Industries for the best fire protection products and Knox Box for the best rapid entry products in the industry. Let us know what fire protection specialty products your project requires and we will help you find the exact products you need.

J.L. Industries

Fire Extinguishers, Cabinets and Accessories

For more than 65 years, JL Industries in Bloomington Minnesota has been known for high quality fire extinguishers, cabinets, and accessories. With the addition of the Samson and Thomas product lines, JL Industries offers the widest selection of extinguisher, valve and hose cabinets in the world. Their complete range of fire extinguishers means that virtually every requirement for portable fire protection can be met.

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Knox Box

Knox Box

Knox Box is the leading manufacturer of rapid entry system specifically designed for firefighters. This proven rapid entry system reduces response times, property damage, and the liability for lost keys.

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